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10000 British Commonwealth Stamps Kiloware Mixture 1KG Stamps

10000 British Commonwealth Stamps Kiloware Mixture 1KG Stamps

We believe Bargains don't come much better than this!

Our Empire off paper mixtures offers great value for money

Empire STAMP MIX mixtures are all off paper

Each of our Empire STAMP MIX will contain approx 10,000 -15,000 stamps and will weigh 1 KG

We work on the industry standard basis that a kilo weight should average out at 15,000 stamps overall, though the actual number can vary by as much as 33% either way

In each box there may possibly be a certain amount of damaged or Foriegn stamps

Therefore we claim you will get a minimum of 10,000 undamaged stamps per box

What will you receive for your £100?

Well, you are most probably not going to get a boxful of Penny Blacks !

For approx 10,000 Commonwealth stamps you will receive an excellent clean mixture that should provide hours of sorting pleasure, and perhaps, just perhaps, that elusive find

We buy our mixtures from a variety of sources: from auctions, collectors and other dealers

We hold a large amount of stock

On average we are charging less that 1/2p per stamp which is fantastic value for money

No two lots are the same, but there will be some degree of duplication in each lot and from one lot to another

If you enjoy sorting and hunting down that elusive find then our Empire STAMP MIX is a great purchase


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SKU: mix S.G. Number: SG
Condition: Mint & Used Country: Commonwealth
Era: qv - qeii Year:
Colour: Various Type: Mixture
Catalogue Value: 0.00    


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