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Great Britain Rare Stamps

The United Kingdom postal service history is noted by two of the predominant milestones within the British postal industry; the first of which would be the introduction of postage stamps in 1840, secondly the establishment of the effective and efficient postage system within the British Empire, this then laid the foundations of many of the nationwide postal services used today.

In the 12th century England King Henry I appointed messengers to carry government letters. Henry III then provided the messengers with uniforms. Edward I then instituted posting houses for which to change the horses. Edward II’s reign introduced postal markings with the handwritten statement ‘’Haste, post haste’’.

The Royal Mail was set up in 1516 by Henry VIII who appointed Brian Tuke as ‘’Master of the Postes’’, Elizabeth I appointed a ‘’Chief Postmaster’’ for this role Queen Elizabeth I choose Thomas Randalph as the man for the job.

Under the reign of Charles I the Royal Mail was evolved further by the then Chief Postmaster in 1635 Thomas Witherings, by making the service available to the general public.

1661 was the year which Charles II appointed Henry Bishop to the role of the first Postmaster General (PMG), due to complaints regarding delayed letters Henry Bishop then introduced the Bishop mark which is a small circle stating the date and month within.

In following years the postage service expanded covering the whole of the country, many post offices where set up in towns large and small, each having their own individual post marks.

Within British history the postal service has served great importance to our nation spanning the past 500 years it has shown resilience to remaining a true embolism to our heritage and traditions.

To honour our great history of the British post service many rare prestigious stamps have been commissioned throughout the ages often to mark a special event in time.

It is often the desire of many collectors or maybe just admirers to possess a rare stamp, this being often the rarest stamps have the highest value due to the age, quality or so few being produced. These factors only add to the desire and the value of the stamps which are most rare.

Great Britain Rare Stamps
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