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British Commonwealth Stamps  »  Morocco Agencies

Here you will find a selection of Stamps from Morocco Agencies

Morocco Agencies were a system of post offices operated by the United Kingdom in Morocco.

The first office was established in Tangier in 1857; mail was simply bagged there and forwarded to Gibraltar just across the water, where it received the standard "A26" postmark. From 1872 Tangier had its own postmark, but this was applied alongside the stamps (allowing for the Gibraltar cancellation to mark them), so usages of British stamps from Morocco are best determined on cover

The stamps were overprinted "Morocco / Agencies" beginning in 1898, initially at the offices of the Gibraltar Chronicle, and then later in London, yielding several variations in the appearance of the overprint

On 1 January 1907, the British Post Office took direct control of the post offices, operating them until Moroccan independence in 1956. From this point on, all stamps were overprints on British issues, in no less than three different currencies.

British-currency stamps were available at any office, and primarily intended for parcels and later airmail. Both regular and some commemorative issues were overprinted, all with "MOROCCO / AGENCIES", through the Edward VIII issue of 1936. Subsequently unoverprinted stamps were used, until 1949, when they were again overprinted for use at Tetuan (at that point the sole remaining office, except for Tangier, which had its own overprints)

British Commonwealth Stamps  »  Morocco Agencies
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Tripolitania 1951 set of 8 SGT27-T34 Fine Very Lightly Mtd Mint
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