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British Commonwealth Stamps  »  Malta

Malta is a southern European country and consists of an archipelago situated centrally in the Mediterranean 


A postal system began in Malta in the early 18th century with letters from the Knights of Malta, but the actual post office did not begin until 1854. By then it was a British colony and the British set up an overseas post office in Malta

In 1860, Malta issued its first stamp, when the country was still a colony of the United Kingdom. This stamp was a halfpenny yellow and was issued in different perforations and shades until 1885, when Malta's first individual set was released. This stamp was legal for Maltese inland postage only and the standard rate for island mail under one ounce until 1943, overseas mail had to use British stamps until 1885

1885 saw the release of Maltese definitives in the values up to 1/-. The colours reflected Malta joining the Universal Postal Union and the halfpenny was the same as the 1860 stamp except it was green. The stamps were generic designs of Victoria like most British colonies, but also used the Maltese cross as a heraldic device. British stamps were no longer valid from this date except for postage in British military zones and mail, where British stamps were until 1979

British Commonwealth Stamps  »  Malta
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Malta 1956 set of 17 SG266-282
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Malta 1922 10s Slate-Grey & Brown SG138 Superb Used
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Malta 1922 set of 8 SG106-113 Fine Lightly Mtd Mint
190.00 buy  |  info
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