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GB Queen Victoria   »  Plate Numbers from SG43-SG53

Plate Numbers from SG43-SG53

On 1 April 1864 the Penny Red stamp was issued with the plate number engraved in the design, in the left and right side lace work. At this time the stars in the top corners were also replaced with the same check letters as used in the lower corners, but in reverse order.The era of the Penny Red came to its close at the end of 1879, along with Perkins Bacon's contract.

The Halfpenny Rose Red, first issued on 1 October 1870, was the first halfpenny postage stamp issued in the United Kingdom. The halfpenny stamp was introduced following a reduction in the postal rate for newspapers and postcards and is notable for being the smallest UK postage stamp ever issued. The stamps (nicknamed 'Bantams' due to their small size)  were line engraved and featured a bust of Queen Victoria in profile with '½d' on either side. A plate number was engraved in the design, in the left and right side lace work. The stamp was replaced in 1880 by the surface printed Halfpenny Green stamp.

Three half pence rose red was introduced in 1870 for the reduced printed matter rate. It was iisued in 2 plates, plate 1 and plate 3 (plate 2 being defective).


GB Queen Victoria   »  Plate Numbers from SG43-SG53

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