1000 British Commonwealth Stamps ~ Kiloware Mixture

We believe Bargains do not come much better than this!

Our Commonwealth & Empire Off Paper Stamp Mixtures offers great Value for money

We Believe no one offers you better value than this

Our Stamp Mixtures are all Off Paper

Each Sealed bag weighs 100 Grams & will contain approx 1,500 Stamps

We work on the industry standard basis that 1KG should average out at 15,000 Stamps though the actual amount can vary by as much as 33% either way

So in each 100 Gram bag you will get on average 1,500 Stamps

In each bag they maybe a certain amount of folded/damaged stamps, therefore, we claim you will get 1,000 undamaged stamps from each bag

(any more than this are yours free of charge)

What will your receive for your £13.95?

Well, you are probably not going to get a bag full of Cape of Good Hope Triangles!

What we do claim is that for only £13.95 including postage you will receive an excellent clean off paper mixture that should provide hours or sorting pleasure, and perhaps, just perhaps, that elusive "find"

We hold a large amount of stock

No two lots are the same, but there will be some degree of duplication in each bag and from one bag to another

Great way to start a Stamp Collection

Filling Gaps in Albums

Inspiring Children learning

Good Thematics

If you enjoy sorting & hunting down that elusive find then our Commonwealth/Empire Mixtures are a great purchase

Type Collection
Stamp Era King George VI (1936-1952), Queen Elizabeth II (1952-2022)
Condition Mixed
Grade Mixed
Year of Issue ALL

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