Due to its high value, there was little genuine postal demand for the 5/- value, therefore the majority were fiscally used

Therefore collectors must be wary about cleaned fiscals, especially those that had a pen cancel. Some are offered unused while others have had a fake postmark applied.

 Mt Cook

Some stamps used fiscally have a punched hole.

Some fiscal cancellations look very like ordinary postmarks although any cancellation containing a crown is a fiscal cancel. The above illustrated stamp has a Crown cancel, it was fiscally used in Otago.


nz 5 shilling embossed

Fiscal stamps were often cancelled by being embossed with a fernleaf pattern as well as being cancelled by a conventional datestamp. The example above is embossed with an additional Wellington cancel.

The Stamp below was Genuinely Postally used at Eltham

A Clean and Fresh Example with Crisp & Clear CDS "ELTHAM 10.AM 27 OC 10 N.Z

New Zealand 5/- Mt Cook