Here you will find a selection of Commonwealth stamps from Antigua

Antigua was discovered by Christopher Columbus, in 1493, and was named after the church of Santa Maria la Antigua in Seville. It was first settled in 1632. By the Treaty of Breda in 1667 it became a British Possession.

The postal arrangements of Antigua were controlled by the British Postmaster General in London till 1 May 1860. The island authorities set up an internal post in March 1841, between St John's and English Harbour, with Mr Scotland as the postmaster. From 1858 Great Britain stamps were made available for use in Antigua. Letters from St John’s were postmarked “A02” and those from English Harbour were obliterated with “A18”

The Post Office Act of Antigua, passed on 24 April 1860, by the Assembly of the Leeward Islands, transferred control to the local government. The first order for stamps was for a sixpence denomination to be used for the letter rate from Antigua to Great Britain. A consignment of 8,000 stamps, was sent out on 1 July 1862, by the printers, Messrs Perkins Bacon and Co. These arrived and were issued sometime in August 1862. A one penny stamp was issued in 1863. The design of these stamps is based on a drawing of Queen Victoria’s head by Edward Henry Corbould and was engraved by Charles Henry Jeens

Antigua 1953-62 Extended Set of 18 SG120-134 V.F MNH
Antigua 1953-56 Set of 15 SG120a-134 Fine Used (2)
Barbuda 1981 Royal Wedding 50c SG573 'Opt Double' V.F MNH
Barbuda 1982 21st Birthday Princess of Wales Set of 3 SG624w-626w Wmk Inverted V.F MNH
Antigua 1953-61 Set of 15 to $2.40 SG120a-133 V.F VLMM
Antigua 1953 Set of 15 SG120a-134 Fine MNH
Antigua 1970 Set of 17 SG269-285 Superb Used
Antigua 1972-74 Wmk Change Set of 12 SG323-334 Very Fine Used
Antigua 1953-56 Set of 15 SG120a-134 Very Fine Used

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