Certificated Stamps

Selected stamps from the Commonwealth that have Certificates to guarantee their authenticity.
Falkland Is 1938 5s Indigo & Pale Yellow-Brown SG161b Fine Used Holcombe Certificate
Bermuda 1940 12s6d Grey & Pale Orange SG120b Fine VLMM B.P.A Cert
St Lucia 1863 6d on (4d) Indigo SG10 Fine MM Scarce Royal Certificate
Cyprus 1928 £5 Black-Yellow SG117a Superb MNH Behr Cert
Australia 1930 £2 Black & Rose SG114Var BW57 Superb MNH Extremely Rare Ceremuga Cert
Australia 1932 10s Grey & Aniline Pink SG136Var BW50d Superb LMM Ceremuga Cert Rare Shade
Bermuda 1943 5s Pale Bluish Green & Carmine-Red Pale Yellow SG118d Fine LMM Royal Cert
S.W.A 1923 2d Dull Purple SG3a 'Opt Inverted' V.F.U Block of 4 2 Pairs Scarce with Royal Cert
Grenada 1886 1d on 1 1/2d Orange SG37b 'Surcharge Double' Fine Used B.P.A Certificate
Grenada 1886 1d on 1 1/2d Orange SG37b 'Surcharge Double' Fine Used with Brandon Certificate
C.O.G.H 1858 1s Bright Yellow-Green SG8 V.F.U 3 Large Margins with Royal Certificate
Bahamas 1883 4d on 6d Deep Violet SG45 Fine Used BPA Certificate
Somaliland 1903 3a Brown-Orange SG5a 'BRIT SH' Error in Pair Fine MM Royal Cert
Cyprus 1881 1/2d on 1d Red SG9aa Pl 205 Surch Double FMM with Brandon Cert Rare
Ceylon 1885 5c on 16c Pale Violet SG180a Good Used Royal Certificate
St Lucia 1891 1/2d on Half 6d Dull Mauve & Blue SG54g '1 Used as Fraction Bar' Royal Cert Scarce
St Lucia 1891 1d on 4d Brown SG55a 'Surch Partly Doubled' Fine & Fresh MM Royal Cert
St Lucia 1891 1d on 4d Brown SG55Var 'Y omitted in Penny' Fine Used Royal Cert Rare
Sardinia 1855 5c Green SG28Var 'Head Omitted' with Dr Marcello Catania Cert
St Lucia 1891 1/2d on 3d Dull Mauve & Green SG56b Surch Inverted Fine MM Rare Holcombe Cert
Grenada 1881 2 1/2d Claret SG25b 'PENCF' Error Fine Used Royal Cert Scarce
Leeward Is 1897 1/2d Dull Mauve & Green SG9a 'Opt Double' Fine LMM Royal Cert Scarce
Australia 1932 2d Golden Scarlet SG0125w Wmk Inverted Fine Used Very Rare Ceremuga Cert CV £3500
Transvaal 1892 £5 Deep Green SG187 Fine LMM Certified Reprint