We Buy all British Commonwealth and Empire Stamp

we buy commonwealth stamps

We Buy all British Commonwealth and Empire Stamp

We are major, and consitent buyers, of all good quality British Commonwealth and Empire stamps. Whether they are single stamps, sets, a few stamps in an album or a life time collection in several albums, we are always interested

If you are thinking of selling your collection, you have inherited a stamp collection and have no idea of its worth, or if you are a fellow stamp dealer looking to sell your stamp stock, simply e-mail stuart@empirephilatelists.com or call Stuart on 0118 9474114

We need a brief description of the stamps you would like to sell

If you are near us you can call to arrange an appointment to bring your collection in, or if you have a large collection we can arrange to visit. If you are not near us then we can assess your collection from email images or you can arrange to send it to us, where upon, we will value and return the collection to you. All at no cost to you

What do we need to know?

  • The Era - is it Queen Victoria, King George V or VI, Edward VII or Queen Elizabeth II, or a mixture
  • The Countries represented
  • The condition - are they mint or have they been used? Are they loose, neatly presented in an album or are they still on cover?

Please attach some photos of what you believe to be the oldest, best condition and most valuable stamps

Once we have this information we will arrange a full appraisal of your collection which will involve arranging for us to see the stamps in person. At this meeting we will value your stamps

If you are happy with our valuation then we will make you an offer with the view to buying 

If we are not interested in buying your stamps we will put you in touch with a dealer who may be interested, or an auction house who will be able to sell the stamps on your behalf

What we buy

  • All British Commonwealth Countries 
  • Stamps of Great Britain
  • Face Value (see below)

We can ensure that a top price is paid for your stamps with no commission or charges.

Any payments to you will be immediate and we can also guarantee that you will receive the price you were offered

Face Value

We pay 50% of the Face Value of the stamps for all unused Queen Elizabeth II decimal stamps, including presentation packs, set, booklets, singles and sheets

Selling your stamps to Empire Philatelists is beneficial in more ways than simply our competitive price guarantee.

When you sell to us, we promise

NO commission or hidden fees
NO delay in payment
Top Prices Paid