Located in Southern Africa, north of South Africa, Postal service opened 1882, 1st stamps issued 1884 (Stelland)

The first Bechuanaland Protectorate postage stamps were produced in 1888 by overprinting stamps of Bechuanaland with "Protectorate". In 1889 a ½-penny stamp of Cape of Good Hope was overprinted "Bechuanaland / Protectorate"

From 1897 to 1925 more British stamps were overprinted using the protectorate's name in various layouts.

The print makers first inscribed stamps appeared in a series of 1932. The 12 values, ranging from ½d to 10sh, all used the same design, a group of cattle next to a baobab tree, surmounted by a portrait for King George V. The usual Silver Jubilee and Coronation issues appeared in 1935 and 1937, with King George VI replacing his father in a similarly-designed series of 1938.

The protectorate's Peace issue of 1945 was produced by overprinting "Bechuanaland" on South Africa's Peace stamps. Stamps were issued for the Royal visit in 1947, and for the usual omnibus sets of the period.

Bechuanaland 1938-52 Extended Set of 17 SG118-128 All Shades Fine MNH & LMM CV £301
Bechuanaland 1958 2d Violet SGD6ca 'Large d' V.F MNH Block of 4 Nice Positional Piece
Bechuanaland 1955 1s3d Black & Lilac SG150 Fine Used
Bechuanaland 1888 2s Green & Black SG16 Fine Used
Bechuanaland 1932 Set of 7 to 1s SG99-105 Fine Used
Bechuanaland 1885 6d Reddish Purple SG7 Fine Used
Bechuanaland 1888 £5 Lilac & Black SG21 Fine Used Fiscal Cancel
Bechuanaland 1888 Set of 7 to 2s SG10-16 Fine Used
Bechuanaland 1888 6d on 6d Lilac & Black SG45 Fine Used
Bechuanaland 1888 Set of 6 to 1s SG10-15 Fine Used
Bechuanaland 1891 2d Grey-Green & Carmine SG34 Fine MM
Bechuanaland 1897 2d Grey-Green & Carmine SG62 Good MM
Bechuanaland 1932 Set of 12 SG99-110 Fine MM Clear White Gum
Bechuanaland 1945 Victory Set of 3 SG129-131 Fine Used on Reg 1st Day Postcard
Bechuanaland 1913 3d Bluish Violet SG79 Fine Used (2)
Bechuanaland 1932 4d Orange SG103 Fine Used
Bechuanaland 1938-43 Set of 12 SG118-128 Fine Used
Bechuanaland 1955-57 Set of 13 SG143-153 V.F.U
Bechuanaland 1961 1R on 10s Black & Red-Brown SG167b V.F.U Pair
Bechuanaland 1888 2d Pale Dull Lilac & Black SG11a Good Used
Bechuanaland 1891 2d Grey-Green & Carmine SG34 Fine Used
Bechuanaland 1891-1904 Set of 5 SG33-37 Good Used
Bechuanaland 1886 1/2d Grey-Black SG4 Good MM
Bechuanaland 1888 2d on 2d Lilac & Black SG23 Good MM