India and States

India is a country in South Asia and the most populous democracy in the world.

The postal systems in India existed in various forms from before the Christian era. As the Portuguese, Dutch, French, Danish and British displaced the Mughals, their postal systems existed alongside those of independent states. The British East India Company gradually displaced other powers and brought into existence a British administrative system all over India.

Though the Indian Post Office was established in 1837, Asia's first stamp, the Scinde Dawk, was introduced by the local administration of the province of Sind in 1852. The Indian postal system developed into an extensive, dependable and robust network providing connectivity to almost all parts of India, Burma, the Straits Settlements and other areas controlled by the British East India Company.

Based on the model postal system introduced in England by the reformer, Rowland Hill, postal services were provided at a low cost and enabled the smooth functioning of the administrative machinery of the British Raj. The Imperial Posts co-existed with the several postal systems maintained by various Indian states, some of which produced stamps for use within their respective dominions, while British Indian postage stamps were required for sending mail beyond the boundaries of these states

India 1931 Set of 6 SG226-231w V.F MNH
Jaipur 1931 6a Black & Deep Blue SG47 Fine MM
Jind 1930 8a Reddish Purple SG96 Fine MNH Block of 4
Chamba 1928 12a Claret SG056 Fine MNH Block of 4
Chamba 1930 8a Reddish Purple SG055 V.F MNH Block of 4
Chamba 1932 9p Deep Green Litho SG050 Fine MNH Block of 4
Chamba 1932 9p Deep Green Litho SG64 Fine MNH Block of 4
Chamba 1935 3a Carmine SG80 Good MNH Block of 4
India C.E.F 1919 2a6p Bright Blue SGC28 Fine Used
Sierra Leone 1921 2s Blue & Dull Purple-Blue SG144 Fine Used
Patiala 1913-26 Set of 11 SG035-045 Fine Used
Patiala 1926 2R Carmine & Yellow-Brown SG59 Fine Used
Patiala 1927-36 Set of 12 SG047-057 Fine Used
Patiala 1935-39 Set of 5 SG058-062 Fine Used
Chamba 1928 4a Sage-Green SG71 Fine Used
Nabha 1913 12a Carmine-Lake SG57 Fine Used
Nabha 1936 1a3p Mauve SG63 Fine Used
Nabha 1913 1R Red-Brown & Deep Blue-Green SG58 Fine Used (3)
Jind 1914 4a Olive SG72 Fine Used
Jind 1914 8a Deep Magenta SG74 Fine Used
Jind 1922 9p on 1a Rose-Carmine SG79 Fine Used Block of 4
Jind 1928 5R Ultramarine & Purple SG100 Fine Used
Gwalior 1928 2R Carmine & Orange SG97w Wmk Inverted Fine Used
Gwalior 1928-36 Set of 15 to 15R SG86-100 Fine Used