Ireland was part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland when the world's first postage stamps were issued in 1840. These stamps, and all subsequent British issues, were used in Ireland until the new Irish Government assumed power in 1922. Beginning in February 1922, existing British stamps were overprinted with Irish text to provide some definitives until separate Irish issues became available.

Following the overprints, a regular series of definitive stamps was produced, using domestic designs. 

Ireland 1938 Temperance Set of 2 SG107-108 Fine LMM
Ireland 1939 Set of 2 SG109-110 Fine LMM
Ireland 1940 1d Carmine Coil SG112b Fine LMM
Ireland 1940-49 Set of 17 SG111-125 Fine MM CV £230+
Ireland 1941 Easter Rising Set of 2 SG126-127 Fine MM
Ireland 1946 1d Carmine Coil SG112c Fine LMM
Ireland 1948-65 Air Set of 7 SG140-143b Fine LMM
Ireland 1949 Republic Set of 2 SG146-147 Fine LMM
Ireland 1950 Holly Year Set of 3 SG149-151 Fine LMM
Ireland 1937 Constitution Set of 2 SG105-106 Fine MM
Ireland 1937 Set of 3 SG102-104 Fine MM & MNH
Ireland 1940 1s Light Blue SG122 V.F VLMM
Ireland 1945 10s Dp Blue SG125 Fine Lightly Mtd Mint
Regular Price £24.00 Special Price £12.00
Ireland 1937 2s6d Emerald Green SG102 Fine & Fresh Mtd Mint
Regular Price £65.00 Special Price £32.50

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