North Borneo and Labuan

North Borneo was a British protectorate under the sovereign North Borneo Chartered Company from 1882-1946. After the war it became a crown colony of the United Kingdom from 1946-1963, known in this time as British North Borneo.

Initially, mail from North Borneo was sent via Labuan or Singapore, using postage stamps of the Straits Settlements. The company issued its own stamps in March 1883, using a design incorporating the coat of arms (a dhow and a lion), inscribed "NORTH BORNEO", and with the value written in English, Arabic, and Chinese.inscribed "STATE OF NORTH BORNEO".

North Borneo 1899 5c Black & Vermilion SGD17a P.13.5 Fine MM
North Borneo 1901 24c Blue & Lake SG138 Fine Used
North Borneo 1899 4c on 25c Indigo SG118 Fine Used
North Borneo 1899 4c on 50c Deep Slate-Purple SG119 Fine MM
North Borneo 1900 4c Black & Carmine SG99 Fine Used
North Borneo 1901 4c Black & Carmine SG130 Good MM
North Borneo 1901 12c Black & Dull Blue SG135 Good MM
Labuan 1901 8c Black & Vermilion SGD6 Fine Unused
North Borneo 1886 2c Brown SG10 P.14 Fine Used
North Borneo 1888 1/2c Magenta SG36c Imperf Pair Fine Used C.T.O
North Borneo 1889 2c Brown SG38 Fine MM
North Borneo 1891 6c on 10c Blue SG56 Good MM
North Borneo 1891 8c Yellow-Green SG43a Fine MM
North Borneo 1891 8c Yellow-Green SG43a Fine Used
North Borneo 1892 1c Orange SG37b Imperf Single Fine LMM
North Borneo 1892 6c Lake SG42 Fine MM
North Borneo 1894 6c Black & Bistre-Brown SG73a P.13.5 Fine Used
North Borneo 1894 25c Indigo SG81 Good Used
North Borneo 1895 40c on $1 Scarlet SG91 Good MM
North Borneo 1897 3c Green & Rosy-Mauve SG96 Fine Used
North Borneo 1897 6c Black & Bistre-Brown SG101a P.15 Good MM
North Borneo 1897 12c Black & Dull Blue SG106b P.15 Good Used
Labuan 1883 2c Yellow-Green SG17x Wmk Reversed Fine Unused
Labuan 1883 10c Yellow-Brown SG19 Fine Used