North Borneo and Labuan

North Borneo was a British protectorate under the sovereign North Borneo Chartered Company from 1882-1946. After the war it became a crown colony of the United Kingdom from 1946-1963, known in this time as British North Borneo.

Initially, mail from North Borneo was sent via Labuan or Singapore, using postage stamps of the Straits Settlements. The company issued its own stamps in March 1883, using a design incorporating the coat of arms (a dhow and a lion), inscribed "NORTH BORNEO", and with the value written in English, Arabic, and Chinese.inscribed "STATE OF NORTH BORNEO".

North Borneo 1939 4c Bronze-Grn & Violet SG306 Superb Used Pair CDS
North Borneo 1950 8c & 2c SG357-361 Superb Used on Piece
North Borneo 1961 $1 Brown & Yellow-Green SG403 Fine LMM
North Borneo 1961 4c Bronze-Green & Orange SG392 Superb Used Pair on Piece
Labuan 1902 12c Black & Yellow SG123c 'Line Through B' V.F & Fresh LMM
Labuan 1902 50c Dull Purple & Lilac SG127 Fine MM
North Borneo 1950-52 Set of 16 SG356-370 Fine LMM
North Borneo 1950-52 Set of 16 SG356-370 V.F MNH & LMM
North Borneo 1961 Set of 16 SG391-406 Fine & Fresh LMM
North Borneo 1899 5c Black & Vermilion SGD17a P.13.5 Fine MM
North Borneo 1901 24c Blue & Lake SG138 Fine Used
North Borneo 1918 Set of 11 to 24c SG235-245 V.F.U
North Borneo 1939 Set of 12 to 50c SG303-314 V.F.U
North Borneo 1899 4c on 25c Indigo SG118 Fine Used
North Borneo 1899 4c on 50c Deep Slate-Purple SG119 Fine MM
North Borneo 1900 4c Black & Carmine SG99 Fine Used
North Borneo 1901 4c Black & Carmine SG130 Good MM
North Borneo 1901 12c Black & Dull Blue SG135 Good MM
North Borneo 1902 10c Brown & Slate-Lilac SG104 Good Unused
North Borneo 1909 6c Apple-Green SG168 Good MM
North Borneo 1909 20c on 18c Blue-Green SG177 P.14 Fine MM
North Borneo 1918 12c + 2c Deep Bright Blue SG224 Fine MM
North Borneo 1922 50c Steel Blue SG275 Fine MM
North Borneo 1925 6c Olive-Green SG282 P.12.5 Fine MM