Saint Lucia is an island country in the eastern Caribbean Sea on the boundary with the Atlantic Ocean, a British dependency in the Windward Islands

From 1841 some form of postal service existed as recorded by the issue of a Ship Letter handstamp

A branch of the British GPO was opened on the island in 1844. The stamps of Great Britain were used on the island from 1858 until 1860 which the island issued its first stamp

St Lucia 1938-47 Set of 17 SG128a-141 Fine LMM & MNH
St Lucia 1949 Set of 14 SG146-159 Fine LMM
St Lucia 1948 1s Brown SG135a P.12.5 V.F MNH Complete Sheet of 60
St Lucia 1949-50 Set of 14 to $2.40 SG146-158 Fine Used
St Lucia 1936 Set of 12 SG113-124 Fine LMM
St Lucia 1949 8c Black SGD9a Chalk V.F.U
St Lucia 1938 10s Black-Yellow SG138 Fine VLMM
St. Lucia 1938 2 1/2d Ultramarine SG132 P.14.25 x 14 Very Fine MNH Strip of 3
St Lucia 1938 Set of 11 to 10s SG128-138 Fine Lightly Mtd Mint  1938 Issues only CV £110+

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