The first post offices to be opened in Sudan were in 1867 at Suakin and Wadi Haifa, in 1873 atDongola, Berber and Khartoum, and in 1877 at Sennar, Karkouk, Fazoglu, Elkedaref, El Obeid,Al-Fasher and Fashoda

The Mahdist revolt, which began in 1881, resulted in all Egyptian post offices being closed by 1884. It culminated in the fall of Khartoum and the death of the British governorGeneral Gordon (Gordon of Khartoum) in 1885. The Egyptians and British withdrew their forces from Sudan and the country was left with no postal service until the reconquest of Sudan began in 1896. When the campaign started in March 1896, postal service was made available to the troops but no stamps were used.

Until the issue of Sudan stamps in 1897 the available stamps were Egyptian stamps. The amount of mail was small and only a few stamps were used. Between March and July 1885 2½d and 5d British postage stamps were used in Suakin. Indian stamps are also known to have been used in the same area, postmarked Sawakin or Souakin, between 1884 and 1899

Sudan 1914 10p Black & Mauve SG020 Good Used (2)
Sudan 1914 10p Black & Mauve SG020 Good Used
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