The first posts in Togo were established by German traders in the 1880s who operated from the coastal towns and used German West African mail boats. Mail entered the German postal system at Hamburg. There were 17 German post offices before the 1914 invasion

The first stamps used inGermna Togo  were unoverprinted stamps of Germany used at Klein-Popo from 1 March 1888 and at Lome from 1 March 1890. They may be recognised by the cancellations used. Beginning in June 1897, German stamps with "Togo" overprint were made available. In November 1900, the Key type stamps known as theYacht issue were introduced. 

In August 1914, Togo was invaded by British and French troops which occupied the territory until 1919.The German post office was closed and the occupying forces used German stamps at first, with "Anglo-French Occupation" overprints. From 1915, overprinted British stamps of theGold Coast and overprinted French stamps of Dahomey were in use. The country was divided into two zones during the occupation with the east bordering Dahomey, a French territory, being run by the French and the west, bordering the British Gold Coast, being run by the British.

Togo 1914 3PF Brown SGH14 Type 3 Narrow Setting V.F.U on Small Piece Scarce

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