King George V

King George V reigned from 6 May 1910 to 20 January 1936

The first issues of KGV was the ½d and 1d values, which were in the same colours as used in the previous reign. The main design feature remained the same, however, a three quarter portrait was used for the first time and the portrait was surrounded by an ornamental frame with a value tablet at the base and a crown at the top

The UK's first commemorative stamps were issued for the British Empire Exhibition in 1924. The pair of large-format stamps featured a lion in an imposing stance; they were issued twice, in 1924 and then in 1925, the stamps of each year being inscribed with the year of issue. A second set of commemoratives in 1929 marked the 9th Congress of the Universal Postal Union (UPU), held in London that year

The first commemorative stamps to be issued relating to royal events were for King George V's Silver Jubilee in 1935

GB 1912 1/2d Deep Green SG338 Fine LMM
GB 1912 1/2d Green SG339 Fine VLMM
GB 1912 1d Bright Scarlet SG341wi Wmk Inverted Fine LMM
GB 1912-24 Set of 15 SG351-396 Fine & Fresh MM & MNH
GB 1919 5s Rose-Red SG416 Fine Used
GB 1919 10s Dull Grey-Blue SG417 Good Used
GB 1925 Exhibition Set of 2 SG432-433 Fine LMM
GB 1934 2s6d Chocolate-Brown SG450 Fine Used
GB 1929 £1 Black PUC SG438 Fine MNH
GB 1929 £1 Black PUC SG438 Fine Used
Omnibus 1935 KGV Silver Jubilee Complete Set of 250 Fine MNH
GB 1929 UPU Set of 5 SG434-438 V.F MNH
GB 1934-36 Set of 11 SG439-449 V.F MNH
GB 1913 5s Rose-Carmine SG401 Fine Used
GB 1913 10s Indigo-Blue SG402 Fine Used
GB 1915 2s6d Deep Yellow Brown SG405 Fine Used
GB 1915 2s6d Grey-Brown SG407 Fine Used
GB 1915 5s Pale Carmine SG410 Fine Used
GB 1915 10s Pale Blue SG413 Good Used
GB 1918 5s Rose-Red SG416 Fine Used
GB 1910 7d Grey-Black SG249 V.F MNH (2)
GB 1918 2s6d Olive-Brown SG413a Fine Used (2)
GB 1919 5s Rose-Red SG416 Fine Used (2)
GB 1910 7d Grey-Black SG249 Fine MNH