Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II has reigned since 6 February 1952 

When Elizabeth II succeeded her father in 1952, new stamps were needed. The result was a collection of variations on a theme that came to be known as the Wilding issues, based on a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II by photographer Dorothy Wilding

Wildings were used until 1967, when the Machin issues were introduced on 5th June. 

The Machin design is very simple, a profile of the Queen on a solid colour background, and very popular, still being the standard British stamp as of today. They have been printed in scores of different colours; in addition, decimalisation required new denominations, and there have technical improvements in the printing process, resulting in literally hundreds of varieties known to specialists

Stamps issued to commemorate events relating to the present Royal Family have, during QEII's reign, become a growing trend

GB 1966 Technology Presentation Pack SG701-704 Fine MNH
GB 1968 Christmas German Presentation Pack SG775-777 Fine MNH
GB 1968 German Gift Pack SGGP774d Fine MNH
GB 1968 Paintings German Presentation Pack SG771-774 Fine MNH
GB 1969 Anniversaries German Presentation Pack SG791-795 Fine MNH
GB 1969 Architecture German Presentation Pack SG766-801 Fine MNH
GB 1969 Concorde German Presentation Pack SG784-786 Fine MNH
GB 1969 German Presentation Pack SG723-744 Fine MNH
GB 1969 High Values German Presentation Pack SG787-790 Fine MNH
GB 1958 £1 Black SG539a D.L.R Fine Used
GB 1963 Lifeboat Phosphor Set of 3 SG639p-641p V.F MNH
GB 1964 Geographical Phosphor Set of 4 SG651p-654p Fine LMM & MNH
GB 1955 2d Red-Brown SG543lwi Booklet Pane of 6 Wmk Inverted Fine MNH
GB 1955 2d Red-Brown SG543wi Wmk Inverted Fine MNH
GB 1957 Graphite Lined Set of 6 SG561-566 in V.F MNH Blocks of 4
GB 1957 Graphite Lined Set of 6 SG561-566 V.F MNH
GB 1964 4th Road Bridge SG659-660 Presentation Pack Fine & Sealed
GB 1966 Westminster Abbey Presentation Pack SG687-688 Fine & Sealed
GB 1959 2s6d Black-Brown SG595 Fine VLMM
GB 1969 Machin U32 Multi Value Complete Unsealed (GS) Roll 1500 Stamps 2d+2d+3d+1d+4d
GB 1963 5s Red SG596a wi Wmk Inverted Fine MNH Block of 4 Rare
GB 1964 Dec 2s Wilding Booklet SGN19 Fine & Complete
Regular Price £28.00 Special Price £14.00
GB 1965 April 2s Wilding Booklet SGN20 Fine & Complete
GB 1965 Jan 5s Wilding Booklet SGH72 Fine & Complete
Regular Price £35.00 Special Price £17.50

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