Certificated Stamps

Selected stamps from the Commonwealth that have Certificates to guarantee their authenticity.
Cyprus 1928 £5 Black-Yellow SG117a Superb MNH Behr Cert
Australia 1930 £2 Black & Rose SG114Var BW57 Superb MNH Extremely Rare Ceremuga Cert
Australia 1932 10s Grey & Aniline Pink SG136Var BW50d Superb LMM Ceremuga Cert Rare Shade
S.W.A 1923 2d Dull Purple SG3a 'Opt Inverted' V.F.U Block of 4 2 Pairs Scarce with Royal Cert
Australia 1932 2d Golden Scarlet SG0125w Wmk Inverted Fine Used Very Rare Ceremuga Cert CV £3500
St Vincent 1915 1d on 1s Black-Green SG121c Penny & Bar Double V.F MNH Brandon Certificate

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