North Borneo and Labuan

North Borneo was a British protectorate under the sovereign North Borneo Chartered Company from 1882-1946. After the war it became a crown colony of the United Kingdom from 1946-1963, known in this time as British North Borneo.

Initially, mail from North Borneo was sent via Labuan or Singapore, using postage stamps of the Straits Settlements. The company issued its own stamps in March 1883, using a design incorporating the coat of arms (a dhow and a lion), inscribed "NORTH BORNEO", and with the value written in English, Arabic, and Chinese.inscribed "STATE OF NORTH BORNEO".

North Borneo 1939 Set of 6 to 8c SG303-308 Fine MM
North Borneo 1945 2c Purple & Greenish Blue SG321 Fine LMM
North Borneo 1945 1c Green & Red-Brown SG320 Fine MNH
North Borneo 1912 10c Brown & Slate-Blue SGD45 Fine MM
North Borneo 1925 $1 Chestnut SG291 Fine Used CV £900
North Borneo 1925 $2 Mauve SG292 Fine Used Dubious Cancel CV £1100
North Borneo 1895 Black & Dull Purple SGD7 Fine MM
North Borneo 1909 20c on 18c Blue-Green SG177a P.15 Good Used
Regular Price £30.00 Special Price £15.00
North Borneo 1916 2c Green SG190 Fine Used
North Borneo 1916 4c Scarlet SG192a P.15 Fine Used
North Borneo 1894 $5 Bright Purple SG85 Good Used
North Borneo 1886 5c on 8c Green SGF2a 'Raised Stop' Fine Used
North Borneo 1886 10c on 50c Violet SGF3b 'No Stop After Cent & Stop After Revenue' Ave Used Scarce CV £650
North Borneo 1894 $25 Blue Revenue Very Fine VLMM
North Borneo 1897 4c Black & Carmine SG99b P.15 Fine MM
North Borneo 1897 4c Black & Carmine SG99b P.15 Fine Mounted Mint
Labuan 1901 18c Black & Olive-Bistre SGD8 Fine MM
Labuan 1904 4c on 8c Rose-Red SG131 Fine Used
North Borneo 1888 50c Violet SG46 Fine Used
North Borneo 1890 2c on 25c Indigo SG51 Good Used
Labuan 1896 2c Black & Blue SG84 Fine Used
Labuan 1897 5c Green SG92 Fine Used
Labuan 1897 6c Black & Brown-Lake SG87 Good Used
North Borneo 1950 50c Rose-Carmine SG366a 'Jesselton' V.F MNH