Stamp bug climbing old post office counter

A Day in the life of Stampy the Stampex Stamp Bug

(no relation to Boaty McBoat Face!)

Stampy the Stamp Bug buzzed with excitement as he flew into the offices of Empire Philatelists. The PTS had sent Stampy on a special mission to explore the world of stamps and uncover interesting stories.

As Stampy landed on a shelf filled with antique stamp albums, he marvelled at the vast collection before him. Stampy’s tiny bug eyes scanned rows of stamps in cabinets, each one telling a unique story of history, culture, and art.

Stamp bug looking at stamps for sale

He then spotted a lady sitting at the desk staring at a screen, furiously tapping the keyboard and decided it was best not to disturb her, so he took a look around the office which was filled with stamp memorabilia.

As Stampy moved around the room, he discovered an old Post Office counter which he tried to climb, a display of silver stamp cases which he liked a lot, an old till that was open, some postal scales so he weighed himself and an old post office box which he nearly got stuck in.

Stamp Bug exploring the offices of Empire Philatelists  Stamp bug locked in post box  stamp bug looking at silver stamp cases  stamp bug in old till

Stampy then spotted a man hunched over a table looking at stamps with a magnifying glass. Eager to learn more, Stampy scurried over and looked on.  The man at the table is known as a philatelist and his name was Stuart, he was examining some rare stamps in an album. Stuart told him about the intricate design and the historical significance of stamps and then showed him a stamp from the Ascension Islands that had a torn flag error. He told Stampy about the numerous plate flaws that can be found on these Ascension Island ship stamps and that St Helena stamps have the same errors because they use the same design on their stamps.

Stamp bug hold Ascension Island stamp

Stampy also learnt about the challenges of collecting and preserving such old and valuable stamps, about the importance of stamp collecting as a hobby and the role of organizations like the PTS and Empire Philatelists in promoting and preserving this art form.

Stampy now knows that stamps are not just pieces of paper with a postal value but they are windows to the world, capturing moments in history and as such immense historical, cultural, and educational significance.

As Stampy concluded his explorations at Empire Philatelists, he buzzed back to PTS headquarters, eager to share his findings with fellow stamp enthusiasts. Stampy gave a thumbs up for his day having gained a newfound appreciation for the art of stamp collecting and the stories that stamps could tell, thanks to his adventures at Empire Philatelists.

Everyone at Empire Philatelists enjoyed the day and hopes Stampy will be back soon …..

Thumbs up from Stamp Bug