1. Virtual Stampex 2023 Banner

    Virtual Stampex 2023: The Online Stamp Show for the Philatelic World

    Virtual stamp exhibition 4th May - 6th May 2023. Sign up today
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  2. Stamp Bug visits Empire Philatelists

    The Stamp Bug visits Empire Philatelists

    The PTS sent Stampy the Stamp Bug on a special mission to explore the world of stamps and uncover interesting stories at Empire Philatelists. Here's what he got up to ...
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  3. Mauritius 1859 1s Vermilion SG34

    The 'Post Office' Stamps of Mauritius and the Story Behind Them

    Mauritius is known for having issued the most famous and sought-after stamps in the world, highly prized by collectors. The Mauritius ‘Post Office’ stamps rank amongst the most notable and important of all philatelic rarities, read the story behind these stamps ..

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  4. Barbados 1861 SG17 Perkins Bacon Hand Cancelled Stamp

    Jacob Perkins & The Perkins Bacon Cancelled Handstamps

    Jacob Perkins & The Perkins Bacon Cancelled Handstamps. The story behind them and the new discovery by Empire Philatelists
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  5. Cape of Good Hope pair of triangles

    Cape of Good Hope Postal History

    A look at the Cape of Good Hope's postal history, the post office stones, the famous Cape Triangular stamp and its connection with the birth of Stanley Gibbons as a stamp dealer
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  6. Madame Joseph Forged Cancellations

    Madam Joseph - The Philatelic Forger

    'Madam Joseph' first became known for forging superb cancellations in England during the first half of the 20th century. Her historical character and origin have remained a much-debated enigma amongst philatelists to this day. So little known is known for certain about her true identity or indeed her personal life that, over the years, a host of theories have been put forward, none of which has ever been successfully proven.
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  7. Imperium Proof Example

    Imperium Proofs: What Are They and How Much Are They Worth?

    Stamps don’t pluck themselves out of thin air. Before being issued and distributed for postage, they first have to be designed and proofed. This means that a printer has to create a trial run of prints as an example of what the final stamp will look like, so that they can be given the final go-ahead.
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  8. Glossary of Philatelic Terms Explained

    Glossary of Philatelic Terms Explained

    Philatelic terminology can be daunting for the beginner or less experienced stamp collector. However, as with most jargon, philatelic terms are pretty straightforward once you know what they actually mean. So to help you make sense of the occasionally obscure language stamp dealers’ use, here’s our glossary of the most common philatelic terms.

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  9. The Worlds First International Virtual Stamp Exhibition

    The Worlds First International Virtual Stamp Exhibition

    The Philatelic Traders Society, responsible for hosting Stampex International, the largest philatelic event in Europe, is taking its biannual expo online with a new, exciting modern-day digital version.

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  10. Printing Errors Found by Empire Philatelists

    Printing Errors Found by Empire Philatelists

    One thing philatelists learn quickly on the job is that no stamp is perfect. Not only do the individual stamps we handle come in varying conditions, but most stamps issued throughout history have variations involving printing errors. These errors are what makes philately so interesting, and also what can make certain stamps so valuable.


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