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  1. Imperium Proof Example

    Imperium Proofs: What Are They and How Much Are They Worth?

    Stamps don’t pluck themselves out of thin air. Before being issued and distributed for postage, they first have to be designed and proofed. This means that a printer has to create a trial run of prints as an example of what the final stamp will look like, so that they can be given the final go-ahead.

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  2. Glossary of Philatelic Terms Explained

    Glossary of Philatelic Terms Explained

    Philatelic terminology can be daunting for the beginner or less experienced stamp collector. However, as with most jargon, philatelic terms are pretty straightforward once you know what they actually mean. So to help you make sense of the occasionally obscure language stamp dealers’ use, here’s our glossary of the most common philatelic terms.

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