Rare stamp held by tweezers

Stamp Collecting - A Hobby or Investment?

Simon Chandler


Philatelists know that stamp collecting is the perfect self-isolation hobby which can, if done right, prove very fruitful.

Whether you are an experienced Philatelist or new to the world of stamp collecting, this educational and entertaining hobby is perfect for these difficult times, in more ways than one.

How do you get started?

We have written a blog on “How Isolation can bring about a new Hobby” setting out stamp things to do with the family and how you can entertain, and educate the kids without a joystick in sight!


Collectors are not investors...

Philatelists know that years of collecting, research, cataloguing and filing, not only gives you hours of educational entertainment, but can also be a sound investment.

Most stamp collectors are hobbyists. They collect areas of interest, whether its Queen Victoria stamps, stamps from a particular country or thematic stamps.

They research, find, and painstakingly document every stamp in their collection. Everything from condition, post mark (on used stamps), perforations, gum (on mint stamps), paper used to the printing process, and even printing errors, on each and every stamp all contributes to the value of the stamp and ensures it is documented with the correct Stanley Gibbons or Scott catalogue number.


...but Investors are Collectors

In these difficult times of financial instability Investors look to other markets to balance their portfolios.

The Coronavirus pandemic has caused enormous economic instability around the world. Exchange rates are at their lowest for 30 years in the UK, and other currencies around the World are fluctuating widely day by day, bank Interest rates cannot fall much further, and Share prices have plummeted as markets crashed. This has led to investors bailing out of the usual stocks and shares and in the longer term, the economic fall-out could mean more people choose stamps as a safer investment.

These little works of art are miniature antiques and have proved a very sound investment over the years.

As reported by Richard Lehmann, a former Forbes columnist and Investment advisor, Stamps have a very long-term proven track record of price appreciation. Here he documents stamps that he has followed over 25 years that have proved to be more profitable than buying a house.

He has also launched a website: www.StampFinder.com to increase the transparency of information that is lacking in philately and to help inform investors looking for safe-haven investments.


Are you a Philatelist?

Whether you are new to the hobby or a serious collector you are what is known as a Philatelists.

The world of Philately is a friendly bunch and you will find they are always willing to share knowledge in their particular area of expertise.

With most of the stamp shows around the world being cancelled this year we hope that this pooling of knowledge will continue over the phone or online.

If you are a stamp dealer, a serious collector or new to the hobby why not spend some time and join people around the world in one of the many Facebook groups, set up for stamp collectors, where you can either ask questions or help the next generation into this fascinating hobby by sharing some of your knowledge.

Whilst the world grinds to a halt and we all self-isolate, reach out, share and part with your knowledge in one of the oldest hobbies in the world